Our Purpose

We slap the serious out people and give them permission to play so they can create a life they f.ing love.

We sew a thread of fun into the fabric of everything that brings us together: family, business, entertainment, and education.

Our Values

Have Fun.

Choose a Life you Love.

Always play.  Always Play Hard.  Laugh Harder.

Be a Superhero.  Imagine what you could do.

Never Be Afraid to Try Something New.

Be Unserious.  Lighten the mood in the room. 

Shut your mouth.  Listen first.

Give your hand.  Guide the way.  People don’t need another critic.

Just forgive.  No buts.  

Loren is Known For

Living a fully invented and free life. He injects Fun and Play into people’s (and businesses) normally boring and serious lives. He continues to explore the science and practice of play by working with neuroscientists, psychologists, comedians, and actors.  He also works closely with a small number of dynamic clients that desire one-on-one coaching.