Do You Know A "Dumb" Person That's More Successful Than You?

HERE'S WHY YOU'RE BEHIND THEM (and the secret that can get you back rolling again)...

When I say dumb, I just mean dumber than you—reasonably dumb. Now let’s continue.  

After analyzing 100 million of the most shared headlines on social media, Buzzsumo discovered a unique trend. Instructional “HOW TO” videos are taking over.  There are so many “HOW TO” videos out there!  For example:

  • How to do your years of back taxes
  • How to fix your air conditioning
  • How to build a website
  • How to fix your broken Ferrari
  • How to waste your time and feel like you’re making progress

At first glance, this seems good because learning can be a good thing, but it might be a silent killer. Why?

Because if you’re sitting there by yourself trying to learn HOW TO do everything, you will run out of time! And time is your most limited resource.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t learn stuff…You definitely should. Just don’t confuse LEARNING for DOING.

Have you made this mistake or something like it?

Your shower is leaking in your house, and you know it should get fixed, but you are busy, and it might cost a few hundred dollars.

A week goes by, and you don’t call the plumber.

Another week goes by…

Then, when you’re scrolling through Instagram, a video pops up and shows you that anybody with a brain can fix a shower in 60 seconds…and you have a brain!

Now your confidence is high. You’re feeling good. You can do this.

And why would you pay hundreds of dollars for something that only takes 60 seconds? That seems dumb.

You call your wife to remind her you’re a man.

You know it won’t take 60 seconds, but if they can do it in 60, you can do it in an hour, maybe. right?

You drive to Home Depot to get the parts and a special tool.

You drive home. You shout to the house, “Don’t use the water for a few minutes! I’m going to fix this shower!”

You go to work…Things are looking a little different than in the video, but you keep going…and going. “Something isn’t right.” You say to yourself. The shower in the video was rust-free, but yours is extra rusty and stuck.

Now you’re stuck. “Should I call the plumber now?” You question. And you push through.

…another trip to Home Depot, no water for 4 hours, and you’ve done it! “I can do anything!” You exclaim. The pride of a fixed shower washes over you.

I can’t lie. This was my story. I think I spent $200 at Home Depot and wasted 6 hours that day.

I was Learning and Doing alright…the wrong thing!

You might say, “Loren, I’m not a part-time plumber. I would never do that.”

Whether it’s learning plumbing, web design, accounting, or another thing you’re not very good at. Your time and energy are being stolen like candy bars at the grocery store.

it’s not your fault, The social media gods know that you can’t justify watching only the silly videos, so they tricked us into watching learning videos too.

What do you get paid for?

Most of the people I know get paid for getting things done. Not learning how to get those things done.

Think about the most successful people you know (even the dumb ones) and ask, “Are they getting things done or just learning how?”

“If they aren’t doing everything, what are they doing?”

As I learned from one of the wisest entrepreneur coaches in our generation, Dan Sullivan (see image of his book below), the most successful entrepreneurs don’t ask “HOW TO” at all.

They ask, “WHO CAN?”

So next time you’re on Instagram, Twitter, or even Linkedin – WATCH OUT FOR THE DEADLY “HOW TO” TRAP that others are getting trapped in.

When YOU need to get something done, ask:

  • WHO CAN help me with this?
  • WHO CAN give me some insight?
  • WHO CAN connect me with someone that knows?

Asking “WHO CAN” doesn’t always mean hiring someone, even if you’re already rich.

Ideally, you already have smart friends you can reach out to but do not despair if you don’t.

Even just one person can make a difference in your life, and you could meet that person tomorrow.

Did Warren Buffet Really Buy 24 Mclarens for Bill Gates?


In July 1991, Bill Gates’s dad was having a dinner party with some distinguished guests, including Warren Buffett.

Bill’s mom (the wing-mom) called and suggested he come to the dinner party as well. Bill reluctantly agreed to come, Warren and Bill met, and the two became quick friends. They’ve been playing bridge and drinking Coke (and probably chuckling) ever since.

In 2006, 14 years after they met, Warren signed papers to give $31 billion of his fortune to fund the Gates Foundation, making him the most generous donor of any kind in history.

What is the value of their friendship? Priceless. 

But if you break it down, the $31 billion over the 14 years that they had known each other comes out to over $2 billion per year.  

With 8,700 hours in a year, that’s over $236,000 per hour!

Did Warren buy Bill any Mclarens?  I don’t think so, but just imagine the day Warren and Bill met. Warren basically bought a stack of 24 Mclarens for Bill that day and every day since and stashed them away for 14 years.  That’s a lot.  

JUST ONE PERSON made that much of a difference. It could be no different for you. Maybe not $31 billion, but enough to change your life. Remember: It only takes one person.

Who Do You Invest Your Time With?

You don’t have to be a billionaire to see that WHO YOU KNOW and invest time with can impact your life far greater than what you know.

So look around; who do you spend the most time with? Are they helping you be the best version of yourself? Are they helping you get closer to your goals or not?

Friends can help with more than just money and career, so think broadly and be realistic.

Hi. I’m Loren Smith.

I help entrepreneurs and business leaders grow their confidence and influence through relationships, even if they haven’t spoken to anyone in years or they’re an introvert.

I grew up in the middle-class section of Mesa, Arizona, with an outgoing mom from Spain and a not-very-outgoing dad from England.

My dad struggled with confidence his whole life, which killed his ability to provide for our family.

So the other three siblings and I depended on my mom.

I struggled with confidence throughout junior high and high school. I didn’t go to any dances and always felt like an outsider.

I resisted anything that drew attention to myself and was afraid to speak up.

In junior high, I even was afraid to ask my teacher to go to the bathroom and partially peed my pants.

Luckily, I don’t think anyone noticed me shuffling my feet to the ‘boys” locker room so nobody could see the wet inseam. I must have a small bladder too.

My mom instilled a good work ethic in me, and I started working early doing all sorts of things for my neighbors: mowing lawns, washing cars, picking up dog poop, painting, and just about anything else they would hire me for. Arizona is hot, so no smart adult wants to go outside in the summer. those jobs pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me develop more confidence.

One of my jobs was delivering pizzas for Dominos, where I met a guy that helped me get a job as a valet at the prestigious Biltmore Hotel.

If you haven’t heard of the Biltmore, at the time, it was one of Arizona’s top 2 hotels—an old money hotel with a cool history and rooms up to $2k per night.

Every president of the united states since the 1920’s stayed there.

Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra stayed there.

I met numerous heroes: celebrities, models, athletes, and even President Bush senior.

There were all kinds of fun things going on: Dinner parties, galas, fundraising events, and larger events too.

I only worked there for a year, but it left an impression on me.

I wanted to be like them someday.

I wanted to be wealthy.

I wanted to be around cool people doing cool things.

A few years later, real life slapped me in the face, though. My dreams turned into struggling to find work I enjoyed, and that struggle cost me my marriage.

While trying to find my way forward again, I went to an entrepreneurship conference that changed my life.

I became friends and business partners with one of the presenters at that conference, and within 3 years, we built a million-dollar marketing automation business.

The crazy thing is in 2012, just 12 years after I left the Biltmore, my business partner and I were sponsoring a 3-day event at the Biltmore and ended up selling over $360k worth of marketing implementation services in just 3 days.

What a mind-blowing coincidence!

Since then, I’ve been building and licensing marketing systems, partnering and working closely with and coaching many great entrepreneurs.

I even ended up pitching and becoming business partners with one of the greatest business minds and godfathers of marketing. Dan Kennedy. That’s a crazy story.

I really can’t believe how far I’ve come from that shy junior high kid to helping leaders all over the world.

What I’ve Realized about Successful People.

Something I realized about successful people is that they make new and existing relationships a priority. It just doesn’t happen by accident.

  • They go to events AND have their own
  • They go to dinner parties AND have their own
  • They join mastermind groups AND have their own
  • They go to lunch meetings AND have their own
  • They aren’t afraid to ask for advice
  • They send thank you notes and cards for different occasions
  • They connect people and get connected
  • They send birthday cards and holiday gifts
  • They travel to meet in person if needed

Take a Look at the List Above Again and Think to Yourself…

  • Could I get MORE CLIENTS if I did those things consistently?
  • Could I get BETTER CLIENTS if I did those things consistently?
  • Could I get MORE GUESTS ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL OR PODCAST if I did those things consistently?
  • Could I get A BETTER JOB if I did those things consistently?
  • Could I get MONEY FOR MY STARTUP if I did those things consistently?

If you answered “yes,” keep reading.  

What’s Your Strategy?

When I worked at the Biltmore, I had no idea how I could make any of my dreams possible, but I knew that who I knew mattered.

When it came to building relationships, I used to think it was just serendipity, but I’ve come to realize that there’s a strategy to it. You have to make it happen.

If you don’t have a strategy, you can end up wandering and wasting a lot of time with people that aren’t aligned with your goals and values.

And if you’re not consistently in touch, people will forget about you, the relationship gets cold, and the communication lines start to slowly close.

There are many great books out there that help with these strategies and tactics I’m talking about.

Like How To Win Friends and Influence People, Never Eat Alone, and more.

But I assure you, reading a book will not be enough.

James Clear said that people will fall to the level of their systems, so if you don’t create a system for yourself, you will fall.

One of the systems people often forget is the level of their own accountability and discipline. Success can be a lonely road. (But it doesn’t have to be.)

There’s Got To Be An Easier Way

A couple of years ago, I was frustrated with my own inconsistency when it came to relationships.

I needed a better system.

I needed accountability.

I needed help.

I read books and paid for courses, but I needed more, and I couldn’t find anything that covered all my weaknesses. (I probably need more help than the average guy.)

So I built it myself.

Meet The Future of Building Relationships at Scale!

Grow your network even if you’ve failed many times before!

1. Software: You’ll love how we’ve integrated our proprietary process of best practices into a system that works. Drawn from the highest level books and training available. It will be easy to align your goals with the people you need to be in touch with. Equipped with built-in scoring to keep track of interactions and task reminders that tell you exactly what to do and when. It’s like a fun game.

2. Dedicated Personal Assistant: You don’t have to do it alone. You’ll feel welcome and completely supported by one of our America-Born, Trained, and Certified Personal Assistants who is personally matched and dedicated to you. They will ensure you’re finding the best events and groups for you (even the private and exclusive ones), always proactively keeping in touch with the right people and doing it with the least effort.

They can help you with the following: 

  • Entering and managing new contact data so you don’t delay or drop balls.
  • Contact research and enrichment to ensure you have all the important data for keeping in touch.
  • New partner follow-up. Don’t let potential partners wait for someday. Use our template to find opportunities right away.
  • Potential customer follow-up so no deals fall through the cracks in the sidewalk.
  • Birthday research and sending gifts so people feel it… You know. The Love.
  • Holiday gifting research and sending. Gifts so good they’ll wonder if you’re on the other side of Alexa listening to their every conversation and song request.
  • Referral recognition so people will want to give you more referrals.
  • Sending holiday cards so people can see your face on the front of the refrigerator in December.
  • Event research so you always go to the best events with the best people. Not just boring business events, either. We’ll find fun ones too.
  • Event briefing and coordination, so you’re not just winging it. You’re prepared. You know where to go and what to do to make the most of it.
  • Charities to join so you’re making a difference and feeling good and meeting other difference makers.
  • Coordinating dinner parties because people like food, but they also end up friends.
  • Helping you send direct mail or email newsletters so your ideas become their ideas and so forth.

3. 1-1 Coaching: You’ll look forward to pulling out and turning on the “money detector” in your business. We’ll explore and dig up new opportunities together. Even some you’re likely missing today but haven’t noticed. Get ready for the brain connections to happen. It’s guaranteed to be fun. We will…

(Zoom call example)

  • Ensure your goals are aligned with the right targets.

  • Identify the right people to accelerate your goals.

  • Know exactly what to say to spark interest and make rejection non-existent.

  • Build your inner confidence even if you’re sometimes introverted.

  • Work with people that are usually “too busy” for you.
  • Build relationships before you need them.
  • Build relationships that last.
  • Impress your Friends. (and maybe their friends too)

“Wow, Loren, you thought of it all.”

No, I didn’t because we keep adding new features. Look at these.

4. More Resources: Rest assured that my research and development team will be creating more helpful trainings, checklists, templates, and worksheets for you throughout the year, including:

  • Conference/Event Strategy Training – Even if you’re not sponsoring or have a booth, having a pre, during, and post-event connection strategy can make a 10x difference for every event you go to.
  • Wing Training – How to Stay Motivated, Focused, and Organized at Every Event. Hand this training over to your assistant for the best results.
  • Dinner Party Hosting Worksheets – Throw parties that will attract the best people and keep them coming back.
  • Retreat Success Training – Want to host retreats?  No problem. Just use this.
  • Getting Mentors Training – Having a mentor or mentors in your life is the shortcut cheat code. Their years of wisdom can save you decades of struggle.
  • Partner Assessment Worksheets – Find the possible opportunities with everyone you meet.
  • And More.

(Some bonuses may not be included and may only be used as incentives. If there is a bonus that interests you, please ask.)

5. Group Benefits: Because we’re all about making relationships better, We’ll be on the lookout to connect you to your own difference-makers or invite you to our future fun events and experiences.

As the world of relationships, technology, and artificial intelligence evolves, we will continue to adapt and improve this program.

Results You Can Expect.

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Your goals and current connections will vary from our other clients.

We are committed to you.

That said, most of our clients will get a substantial “win” within the first 31 days.  And that’s just the beginning.


Please understand that this program is not for everyone. Not everyone will qualify.

We always give careful, individual consideration to everyone we talk to. However, you will by far get the most benefit if you already have a business, speak at or attend events/masterminds, or have already done joint ventures.

I’ve set aside time on my calendar over the next week to help 9 Entrepreneurs/Business Owners see how this system can help them.  

This is not a high-pressure sales call.

In this 55-Minute, completely complimentary, and transformational “ADVENTURE” session, we will explore the following:

  • Your exciting invented vision for your life and the people that can help you get there the fastest.
  • Uncover hidden ways you may be holding yourself back from making the most of your relationships and which of the 9 levers you should pull to get your energy flowing.
  • Use my 3 Stage “HHH” system to create a customized plan for you to experience more alignment, lift, and leverage without wasting your life.

If you read all the way here and you’ve felt the call to adventure, it means you have so much more to explore. You just have to take the first step.

Remember, only 9 available slots are available, so reserve your spot before it’s gone.

Just select your next available time below to schedule.

See you soon,

Loren Smith

P.S. Still dreaming about how effing amazing this will be? Let’s talk. It’s no risk at all.