I’m Really Excited About This.

When I got married (the first time), my life got serious really quickly. In other words, I got serious. My dreams of having a happy marriage, starting a family, and becoming a successful businessman were now confronting me. It was time to prove myself and do it right. I was excited to be married and […]

Retired Family Counselor Kevin Theriot talks on How to Avoid Taking on the Stress of Others

Kevin Theriot spent over 40 years listening to people and helping them with their problems as a counselor.  He balanced the seriousness with keeping the rest of his life very light.   https://youtu.be/FNr5O5bxwhAGuest: Kevin TheriotFor over 40 years, Kevin served in LDS Family Services, where he worked with people who suffered from anxiety, depression, addiction, burnout, […]

The First Episode

In this first video, Loren records his first video for this channel. Unscripted, unpolished and one he’ll probably look back on when he’s better and realize that he was such a scared little baby.https://youtu.be/kr2Z7Pf-Un0 SHOW NOTES: 00:00 | Loren Talks the whole time