Retired Family Counselor Kevin Theriot talks on How to Avoid Taking on the Stress of Others

Kevin Theriot spent over 40 years listening to people and helping them with their problems as a counselor.  He balanced the seriousness with keeping the rest of his life very light.  

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Guest: Kevin Theriot
For over 40 years, Kevin served in LDS Family Services, where he worked with people who suffered from anxiety, depression, addiction, burnout, secondary traumatic stress disorder, and marital issues. Kevin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Brigham Young University, and a Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in Social Work from Arizona State University.

Episode Summary
In today’s episode of the F Serious Show, I talk to Kevin Theriot, Retired Family Marriage Counsellor.

We explore the role of fun and play in serious contexts, the importance of being genuine at all times, and the fascinating field of personality development. Are you genuine with yourself about the things that make you comfortable and uncomfortable? Kevin talks about the tolerance of different perspectives, finding environments that encourage us to be genuine, and being the person that encourages others to be genuine.


Timestamp Segments
·       [01:54] Incorporating fun and play in storytelling.

·       [03:57] Reframing our thinking.

·       [05:33] Where does the fun and playful spirit in Kevin’s life come from?

·       [11:35] How to navigate your “genuine.”

·       [14:09] The three explanations for personality development.

·       [17:47] Kevin’s advice for when you’re having a hard time being genuine.

·       [21:52] The challenges of being genuine.

·       [26:44] Being ingenuine out of fear.

·       [39:15] Environments that encourage being genuine.

·       [50:22] How can we foster genuine environments for others?

Key Quotes:
·       “The more genuine you can be, the happier you’ll be.”

·       “I like what’s familiar to me, but things that are unfamiliar to me, I might have to work on.”

·       “Even though I can’t see what you see, even though I may not agree with it, I can value your perspective.”

·       “It doesn’t take long to figure out if someone is being truly genuine.”


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